Loughnanes Premium Pulled Pork Sasuages

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Loughnanes Irish Breakfast Pack

Here at Loughnanes we are passionate about bringing you the perfect fry for reasonable prices. So we bring to you the Loughnanes breakfast pack, the perfect weekend treat. It contains 454g Irish Pork Sausage, 150g Premium Black Pudding, and 150g Premium White Pudding, with 240g rindless rasher. This is truly a testimony to our skill and passion for making quality Sausages and Puddings.

Available in selected Dunnes Stores

Loughnanes Bacon Grills

This brand new product is both innovative and delicious. There is a lovely consistency of pork and bacon flavours with an added emmental cheese giving it a savoury flavour. Great for a dinner option, and is a kids favourite.

Loughnanes Irish White pudding and Chorizo

Loughnanes white pudding and Chorizo is inspired by the Spanish arch in Galway. It uses traditional flavours with Spanish Chorizo zest to give you a mild spicy flavour perfect for your dinner tables. This product has won a great taste award.

Available in selected Dunnes Stores

Loughnanes Premium Irish Pulled Pork Sausages

These Premium Irish sausages are made with prime cuts of Irish Prime Pork and seasoned barbecue pulled pork. This product has even won a great taste award, and tastes great on the barbecue!

These are available in selected Dunnes Stores and Tesco stores.

Loughnanes 16 Irish skinless pork sausages

Loughnanes skinless sausages only €2. Loughnanes have been making skinless sausages for over 4 generations. We have perfected our skinless sausages

Available in selected Dunnes Stores.

Loughnanes white and black puddings

Loughnanes black and white puddings are made with pride and passion. It is made with Irelands finest pork, oats and seasoning giving it composed flavours which will certainly give taste to your breakfast.

Guinness and Onion

Guinness and Leek